Chapter 9. Building JSP Pages Using Tag Libraries

For a custom tag library or a library of Tag Files, create the 'taglib' directive for a JSP page.

The set of significant tags a JSP container interprets can be extended through a tag library.

The taglib directive in a JSP page declares that the page uses a tag library, uniquely identifies the tag library using a URI and associates a tag prefix that will distinguish usage of the actions in the library.

If a JSP container implementation cannot locate a tag library description, a fatal translation error shall result.

It is a fatal translation error for the taglib directive to appear after actions or functions using the prefix.

In the following example, a tag library is introduced and made available to this page using the super prefix; no other tag libraries should be introduced in this page using this prefix. In this particular case, we assume the tag library includes a doMagic element type, which is used within the page.

<%@ taglib uri="http://www.mycorp/supertags" prefix="super" %>




<%@ taglib ( uri="tagLibraryURI" | tagdir="tagDir" ) prefix="tagPrefix" %>


Table 9.1. taglib Directive attributes

uri Either an absolute URI or a relative URI specification that uniquely identifies the tag library descriptor associated with this prefix. The URI is used to locate a description of the tag library.
tagdir Indicates this prefix is to be used to identify tag extensions installed in the /WEB-INF/tags/ directory or a subdirectory. An implicit tag library descriptor is used. A translation error must occur if the value does not start with /WEB-INF/tags/. A translation error must occur if the value does not point to a directory that exists. A translation error must occur if used in conjunction with the uri attribute.
prefix Defines the prefix string in <prefix:tagname> that is used to distinguish a custom action, e.g <myPrefix:myTag>. Prefixes starting with jsp:, jspx:, java:, javax:, servlet:, sun:, and sunw: ARE RESERVED. A prefix must follow the naming convention specified in the XML namespaces specification. Empty prefixes are illegal in this version of the specification, and must result in a translation error.

A fatal translation-time error will result if the JSP page translator encounters a tag with name prefix:Name using a prefix that is introduced using the taglib directive, and Name is not recognized by the corresponding tag library.

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