Describe the features of JAX-WS including the usage of Java Annotations.


Java API for XML-Based Web Services (JAX-WS) relies on the use of annotations to specify metadata associated with Web services implementations and to simplify the development of Web services. Annotations describe how a server-side service implementation is accessed as a Web service or how a client-side Java class accesses Web services.

The JAX-WS programming standard introduces support for annotating Java classes with metadata that is used to define a service endpoint application as a Web service and how a client can access the Web service. JAX-WS supports the use of annotations based on the Metadata Facility for the Java Programming Language (JSR 175) specification, the Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform (JSR 181) specification and annotations defined by the JAX-WS 2.0 and later (JSR 224) specification which includes JAXB annotations. Using annotations from the JSR 181 standard, you can simply annotate the service implementation class or the service interface and now the application is enabled as a Web service. Using annotations within the Java source simplifies development and deployment of Web services by defining some of the additional information that is typically obtained from deployment descriptor files, WSDL files, or mapping metadata from XML and WSDL into the source artifacts.

Use annotations to configure bindings, handler chains, set names of portType, service and other WSDL parameters. Annotations are used in mapping Java to WSDL and schema, and at runtime to control how the JAX-WS runtime processes and responds to Web service invocations.

For JAX-WS Web services, the use of the webservices.xml deployment descriptor is OPTIONAL because you can use annotations to specify all of the information that is contained within the deployment descriptor file. You can use the deployment descriptor file to augment or override existing JAX-WS annotations. Any information that you define in the webservices.xml deployment descriptor overrides any corresponding information that is specified by annotations.

JSR 181 (Web Services Metadata) Annotations

JSR 224 (JAX-WS) Annotations

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