Create resources in appropriate J2EE locations

Creating HTML files

Follow these steps to create a new HTML file:

  1. From the Web perspective, select File > New > HTML/XHTML File to launch the New HTML/XHTML File wizard.

  2. Select the appropriate container for the file from the list of project folders (and subfolders). The folder that you choose should be under the Web Content folder of the Web project. If an HTML file that is included in a J2EE Web project is not stored under this folder, then it will not be included in the WAR file that is deployed to the server. In addition, link validation will not encompass files that are not under the Web Content folder.

  3. Type a file name into the appropriate field.

  4. Ensure that the appropriate HTML option is displayed in the Markup Language drop-down list.

  5. Select the appropriate code generation model from the Model drop-down list. See the description directly below this field to determine which model to use.

    New HTML/XHTML File wizard

  6. Click Finish to create the file, or Next to provide additional encoding, DOCTYPE and style sheet information.

  7. Select the appropriate encoding value to add to the file's HTML declaration from the Encoding list button. The default is the value set in the HTML Files preferences page, which is accessed by selecting Window > Preferences, and then expanding the Web and XML Files preferences. You may need to deselect the (Use workbench default) check box to select a new encoding attribute.

  8. Ensure that the proper content type is selected in the Content Type drop-down list.

  9. Select the HTML Document Type that you wish to associate with the HTML file. Depending on which Document Type that you select using the drop-down list, the corresponding Public ID, and, if appropriate, System ID will be displayed.

  10. Optionally, specify a cascading style sheet (CSS) file to to be referenced by the new HTML file. Typically, CSS files are located in the theme folder under the Web Content folder.

    New HTML/XHTML File wizard

  11. Click Finish to create the file in the project that you have selected. The file will open in an HTML editor. The default is Page Designer, in the Design page.

    New HTML Page

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