Use task view

Tasks view

The Tasks view displays the following information:

Tasks View

By default, the Tasks view is included in the Resources perspective. To add it to the current perspective, click Window > Show View > Other > Basic > Tasks.

The first column displays an icon that denotes the type of line item, as shown in the following table:

Table 2.1. Tasks View Icons

Task (normal priority)
High priority task
Low priority task
Completed task

The second column indicates whether the task is completed. Completed tasks are flagged with a check mark, which you add manually.

The third column indicates whether the task is high, normal, or low priority.

The Description column contains a description of the line item. You can edit the description of user-defined tasks by double-clicking it.

The Resource and In Folder columns provide the name and location of the resource associated with each line item.


The toolbar of the Tasks view includes the following buttons:

New task - Manually add a "to do" item to the Tasks view.

Delete - Delete the selected line item.

Filter - Filter the view according to the type of item.


Click the icon at the right end of the view's title bar to open a menu of items that affect the whole view. Right-click inside the view to open a context menu.

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