Use content assist function

Content/code assist

If activated from a valid line of code in an editor, this command opens a scrollable list of available code completions. Some tips for using code assist:

Content/code assist

Configure the behaviour of the content assist in the Editor preference page (Code Assist tab).

Using content/code assist

  1. Place your cursor in a valid position on a line of code in an editor and either

    • Press Ctrl+Space

    • Select Edit > Content Assist from the menu bar

    If the Java editor finds valid candidates for this position, a list of possible completions is shown in a floating window. You can type further to narrow the list. You can also hover over the selected list items to view its Javadoc information, if it is available.

  2. Use the arrow keys or the mouse pointer to navigate through the possible completions.

  3. Select an item in the list to complete the fragment by doing one of the following:

    • Selecting it and pressing Enter

    • Double-clicking it

    Note: When a list item is selected, you can view any available Javadoc information for this item in hover help. Note that you must click an item to select it in the list before you can view Javadoc hover help for it.

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