Skill in using the DB2 Developer Workbench

  • [INFOCENTER_V9] DB2 Developer Workbench routine development support

The DB2 Developer Workbench provides an easy-to-use development environment for creating, building, debugging, testing, and deploying stored procedures. The DB2 Developer Workbench provides graphical tools which simplify the process of creating routines by allowing you to focus on the stored procedure logic rather than the details of generating the basic CREATE statement, building, and installing stored procedures on a DB2 server. Additionally, with the Developer Workbench, you can develop stored procedures on one operating system and build them on other server operating systems.

The Developer Workbench is a graphical application that supports rapid development. Using the Developer Workbench, you can perform the following tasks:

Developer Workbench is installed from a separate CD that is included with DB2 Universal Database.

Developer Workbench allows you to manage your work in projects. Each Developer Workbench project saves your connections to specific databases, such as DB2 for OS/390 servers. In addition, you can create filters to display subsets of the stored procedures on each database. When opening a new or existing Developer Workbench project, you can filter stored procedures so that you view them based on their name, schema, language, or collection ID (for OS/390 only).

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