Ability to determine when to use programming interfaces available


You can use several different programming interfaces to manage or access DB2 databases. You can:

Programming Considerations for Perl

Perl is a popular programming language that is freely available for many operating systems. Using the DBD::DB2 driver available from http://www.ibm.com/software/data/db2/perl with the Perl Database Interface (DBI) Module available from http://www.perl.com, you can create DB2 applications using Perl.

Because Perl is an interpreted language and the Perl DBI Module uses dynamic SQL, Perl is an ideal language for quickly creating and revising prototypes of DB2 applications. The Perl DBI Module uses an interface that is quite similar to the CLI and JDBC interfaces, which makes it easy for you to port your Perl prototypes to CLI and JDBC.

Most database vendors provide a database driver for the Perl DBI Module, which means that you can also use Perl to create applications that access data from many different database servers. For example, you can write a Perl DB2 application that connects to an Oracle database using the DBD::Oracle database driver, fetch data from the Oracle database, and insert the data into a DB2 database using the DBD::DB2 database driver.

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