8.2.  Use the Tivoli Performance Viewer (TPV) Advisor and the Diagnostic Advisor to obtain advice on performance issues.


WebSphere performance advisors

When gathering runtime information, the WebSphere performance advisors provide diagnostic advice about the environment. The advisors can determine the current configuration for an application server. Then, by trending the runtime data over time, the advisors provide advice about potential environmental changes that can enhance the performance of the system. The advice is hard coded into the system and is based on IBM preferred practices for tuning and performance.

The advisors do not implement any changes to the environment. Instead, they identify the problem and allow the system administrator to make the decision as to whether to implement. Perform tests after any change is implemented.

WebSphere provides the following types of advisors:

Running the Performance Advisor in Tivoli Performance Viewer requires resources and can impact performance. Use it with care in production environments.

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