2.6.  Manage nodes in a WebSphere topology, for example, managed, unmanaged nodes, flexible management and network deployment cell.


Using the syncNode command

The syncNode command can be used from the node to force the synchronization of a node's local configuration repository with the master repository on the deployment manager node.

Tip: The syncNode command is normally only used in exception situations. To use the syncNode command, the node agent MUST be stopped. You can use the -stopservers and -restart options on the syncNode command to stop the node agent and application servers, and then restart the node agent.

The syntax of the syncNode command is:

syncNode.sh dmgr_host dmgr_port [options]

The options are shown below:

syncNode.sh dmgr_host dmgr_port [-conntype <type>] [-stopservers]
[-restart] [-quiet] [-nowait] [-logfile <filename>] [-replacelog]
[-trace] [-username <username>] [-password <password>]
[-localusername <localusername>] [-localpassword <localpassword>]
[-profileName <profile>] [-help]


Example below shows the syncNode command and options. The command is executed from the node. The -stopservers and -restart options are used to stop all the servers on the node, including the node agent, and then restart the node agent after the synchronization.

/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer85/profiles/AppSrv_85_01/bin/syncNode.sh saw211-sys1 8884 -stopservers -restart -username admin85 -password admin85
ADMU0116I: Tool information is being logged in file
ADMU0128I: Starting tool with the AppSrv_85_01 profile
ADMU0401I: Begin syncNode operation for node saw211-sys1Node01 with Deployment
           Manager saw211-sys1: 8884
ADMU0505I: Servers found in configuration:
ADMU0506I: Server name: nodeagent
ADMU0506I: Server name: AppSrv_85_01
ADMU0506I: Server name: ODR_85_1
ADMU0506I: Server name: AppSrv_85_02
ADMU0506I: Server name: AppSrv_85_03
ADMU2010I: Stopping all server processes for node saw211-sys1Node01
ADMU0510I: Server AppSrv_85_01 is now STOPPED
ADMU0512I: Server ODR_85_1 cannot be reached. It appears to be stopped.
ADMU0512I: Server AppSrv_85_02 cannot be reached. It appears to be stopped.
ADMU0512I: Server AppSrv_85_03 cannot be reached. It appears to be stopped.
ADMU0510I: Server nodeagent is now STOPPED
ADMU0016I: Synchronizing configuration between node and cell.
ADMU0018I: Launching Node Agent process for node: saw211-sys1Node01
ADMU0020I: Reading configuration for Node Agent process: nodeagent
ADMU0022I: Node Agent launched. Waiting for initialization status.
ADMU0030I: Node Agent initialization completed successfully. Process id is:
ADMU0402I: The configuration for node saw211-sys1Node01 has been synchronized
           with Deployment Manager saw211-sys1: 8884

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