2.2.  Install WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V7.0 and verify the installation (e.g., Installation Verification Tool (IVT), default application (i.e., snoop and/or hitcount.))


Figure 2.1. First steps console

First steps console

The firststeps command starts the First steps console. The First steps console is a post-installation ease-of-use tool for directing WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment elements from one place. Options display dynamically on the First steps console, depending on features that you install and the availability of certain elements on a particular operating system platform. Options include verifying the installation, starting and stopping deployment manager and application server processes, creating profiles, accessing the administrative console, launching the Migration wizard, accessing the online information center, and accessing the Samples gallery.

The location of the firststeps command that starts the First steps console for a profile is:


Option descriptions:

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