Deploy an enterprise application to a WebSphere application server

The WebSphere Enhanced EAR editor

The WebSphere Enhanced EAR editor is used to edit server configurations for WebSphere Application Server v6.0. The server configuration data that you specify in this editor gets embedded within the application itself. This improves the administration process of publishing to WebSphere Application Server v6.0 when installing a new application to an existing local or remote WebSphere Server by preserving the existing server configuration.

To locate the WebSphere Enhanced EAR editor:

  1. Switch to the J2EE perspective.

  2. In the Project Explorer view, expand the Enterprise Applications folder.

  3. Under the enterprise application project folder for which you want to test the data source, double-click the Deployment Descriptor to open the Application Deployment Descriptor editor.

  4. Select the Deployment tab at the bottom of the editor.


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