Perform JSP debugging

Debug on Server

The Debug on Server action can be used to debug Web objects such as EJBs, JSP pages, and servlets - including integrated Java, JSP pages, and server-side JavaScript.

Note: JavaScript debugging is only supported when debugging Web objects that are running on a WebSphere Application Server version 5.1. Debugging server-side JavaScript is not supported for WebSphere Application Server version 6.0.

Debug on Server will start a server debug session, add the project to the server configuration for the purpose of finding source, and it will launch a browser containing the Web object that is selected. You can launch the Debug on Server action from a selected Web project, or from a selected Web object or Web object source file in a Web project. To launch the Debug on Server action, complete these steps:

  1. If you are debugging a remote version 6 WebSphere Application Server, start it in debug mode.

  2. In a workbench project navigator view, such as the Navigator view or Project Explorer view, locate the Web object or project that you want to debug. You might need to expand the project node and its sub-folders to locate the Web object.

  3. Right-click the Web object and choose Debug > Debug on Server from the pop-up menu.

    Debug on Server

  4. In the Server Selection dialog box, perform one of the following tasks:

    • If you have previously created servers that support debugging of the selected application and want to use one of these servers, you can select the Choose an existing server check box, select the server from the selection list, and then click Finish.

      Choose an existing server

    • If you have not yet created a server for the application that you want to debug, ensure that the Manually define a server radio button is selected and follow the instructions for creating a server.

Tip: When you are selecting or creating a server in the Server Selection dialog box, selecting the Set server as project default (do not prompt) check box will cause this server to be used the next time you use the Debug on Server action to debug the application.

WebSphere Application Server debug limitations

JSP Page Debugging:

Hot Method Replace

JSP page debugging DOES NOT support hot method replace of Java code.

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