Use the Hierarchy view

Type Hierarchy view


This view shows the hierarchy of a type. The Type Hierarchy view consists of two panes:

Type Hierarchy tree pane toolbar buttons

Member list pane toolbar buttons

The member list pane displays the members of the currently selected type in the type hierarchy tree pane:

Finding overridden methods

You can discover which methods override a selected method.

  1. Open the type hierarchy for the selected method's declaring type. Toggle on the Show the Subtype Hierarchy toolbar button.

  2. In the list pane of the Hierarchy view, make sure that the Lock View and Show Members in Hierarchy button is toggled on. This option locks the current class in the method pane and shows only those classes in the upper view that implement the currently selected method of the locked class.

    Finding overridden methods

    The methods of interest are shown in the upper pane. You can select any method and open it in an editor.

    NOTE: The selection might not show all members if a filter (such as Hide Fields or Hide Static Members) is active.

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