Use the Java search function

Java search

The Java searching support allows you to find declarations, references and occurrences of Java elements (packages, types, methods, fields). Searching is supported by an index that is kept up to date in the background as the resources corresponding to Java elements are changed. The Java search operates on workspaces independent of their build state. For example, searches can be conducted when auto-build is turned off.

The following searches can be initiated from the pop-up menus of Java elements:

The scope of the search is defined as:

Conducting a Java search using the Search dialog

Java search allows you to quickly find references to and declarations of Java elements.

  1. Open the Search dialog by either:

    • Clicking the Search button in the toolbar or

    • Pressing Ctrl + H or

    • Selecting Search > Search... from the menu bar.

  2. Select the Java Search tab.

  3. In the Search string field, type the string for which you want to search, using wildcards as needed.

    You can also choose a previous search expression from the drop-down list. Selecting a previous search expression restores all values associated with that previous search in the dialog.

  4. Select the Java element type in the Search For area.

  5. Narrow your search in the Limit To area, or select All occurrences to search for references and declarations to a Java element.

  6. Optionally, use the Scope area to narrow the scope of your search.

    Java Search tab

  7. Click Search, and the search is carried out. The results are displayed in the Search view in the workbench window.

    Search results

Java search tab

This tab in the Search dialog allows you to search for Java elements.

Search string

In this field, type the expression for which you wish to search, using the wildcard characters mentioned in the dialog as needed. This field is initialized based on the current selection.

Search string

Search For

Select to search for one of the following kinds of elements:

Limit To

Select to limit your search results to one of the following kinds of matches:

Limit To


Select to limit your search results to one of the following scope:


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