Use the Help feature to aid in development activities

Accessing and navigating online help

The help browser lets you browse, search, and print online documentation for the product. To open the help browser, select Help > Help Contents in the Workbench. This opens the help browser to the bookshelf, which shows the major sets of documentation available.

To navigate online help:

  1. Select the desired link on the bookshelf.

  2. Expand the topic tree to find the information you are looking for. To view a topic, click the link in the topic tree.

  3. Most topics provide a list of links to related topics at the bottom. Follow these links to learn more.

  4. Use the Go Forward and Go Back buttons. These behave the same way back and forward buttons work in an Internet browser, taking you to topics you have already looked at.

  5. To synchronize the navigation frame with the current topic, click the Refresh / Show Current Topic button or Show in Table of Contents button. This is helpful if you have followed several links to related topics in several files, and want to see where the current topic fits into the navigation path.

    Synchronize the navigation frame

As an alternative to browsing the information this way, use the search engine. Type a query into the Search field at the top of the browser and click Go.

To see context sensitive help from the Workbench put focus on a particular widget and press F1.

To show documentation about capabilities that are disabled in the application, select the Show All Topics button. When you choose to show all topics in the table of contents, the headings for documentation about any disabled activities are shown in the table of contents and also appear in search results.

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