IBM Test 000-255. Developing with IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software V6.


Mikalai Zaikin

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April 2006

Revision History
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Proposed Final Draft 2.
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The purpose of this document is to help in preparation for IBM Test 000-255 (Developing with IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software V6).

This document should not be used as the only study material for IBM Test 000-255. It covers all objective topics, but it is not enough. I tried to make this document as much accurate as possible, but if you find any error, please let me know.

Table of Contents

I. Exam Objectives
1. Workbench Basics
Set Workbench preferences
Work with prespectives and views
Use the import and export wizards
Use the Help feature to aid in development activities
Use the Local History to compare and replace resources
Manage workspaces
2. Java Development
Create Java projects, packages, classes, and methods
Manage the Java Build Path
Use the Outline view
Use the refactoring features
Use the Java editor features such as content assist and code formatting
Add and organize import declarations
Use the Java search function
Use the Task and Problems views
Use the Hierarchy view
Use the resource and project property dialogues
3. Web Development
Create dynamic and static Web projects
Understand classpath and module dependencies
Use Page Designer to add and modify HTML, JavaScript, and JSP content
Configure Web project properties
Understand the available JSF (JavaServer Faces) development tools
Understand the available Struts development tools
Create and configure Servlets
4. Databases
Create a database connection
Use the SQL Statement wizard
Sample contents of a database table
5. Running Applications
Use WebSphere Application Server V6 to run J2EE applications
Create and configure data sources
Add and remove projects from the server
Run stand-alone Java applications
6. Debugging and Testing
Manage breakpoints
Step through and examine Java code
View variables and execute, display and inspect expressions
Create and run code in Scrapbook page
Perform JSP debugging
Use step-by-step debugging
Locate and view WebSphere application server logs
Perform unit testing using JUnit
7. Packaging and Deployment
Create J2EE projects
Import and export J2EE modules
Create and locate resources in the appropriate location of the project hierarchy
Work with Web and Application Deployment Descriptor Editors
II. Appendixes
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